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A/P/A Traveling Exhibitions Available for Loan 

Two exhibitions identifying and analyzing racial stereotypes in U.S. popular culture are available for loan from A/P/A. Marvels & Monsters: Unmasking Asian Images in U.S. Comics, 1942-1986, curated by Jeff Yang, analyzes comic book images of Asians and Asian Americans pulled from the William F. Wu Collection, the largest archive of its kind. A is for Arab: Stereotypes in U.S. Popular Culture  reveals centuries of anti-Arab prejudice and Islamophobia and features images from the Jack G. Shaheen Archive.

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MARVELS & MONSTERS: Unmasking Asian Images in U.S. Comics, 1942-1986

The William F. Wu Collection at the NYU Fales Library & Special Collections

If there was any doubt that comic books provide a revelatory window on the American psyche, this exhibition will erase it. Over four decades that included some of the most turbulent times in our nation’s history, science fiction author and cultural studies scholar William F. Wu painstakingly gathered an archive of comics distinguished not only by its size and reach, but by its scope: It is the world’s largest collection of American comic books featuring images of Asians. This exhibition takes the most potent images from the thousands in Wu’s collection, and organizes them around the archetypes they reflect and sustain – the Alien, the Kamikaze, the Brute, the Lotus Blossom, the Guru, the Brain, the Temptress, the Manipulator – while placing them within both a historical context and a discourse with contemporary Asian American writers and creators. The images may disturb and disquiet, coming as they do from a genre most associated with young readers. That is intentional: These images are our Rogues’ Gallery, our Legion of Doom – the supervillains we face in our individual and collective quest for truth, justice, and the Asian American way. –Jeff Yang, Curator

Marvels & Monsters

Dimensions: The exhibition is comprised of several mountable panels, canvases, and vinyl lettering and is most suitable for museums, galleries, or open academic spaces with non-concrete wall surfaces. Venues should have at least 775 square feet of wall space to accommodate the main exhibition components.Detailed installation guides as well as lettering, image, and printing templates are available from A/P/A. Loan fee: $5,000 + one-way shipping. Supplementary materials: There are several optional elements that can be included with the exhibition: two free-standing life-size cut-outs for photo ops, Beyond Stereotypes free-standing yellow bookcart (additional shipping charges would apply), DVD featuring interview with William F. Wu conducted by curator Jeff Yang, and comic books from the William F. Wu Collection (comic book loans to be directly coordinated by hosting institution through The Fales Library & Special Collections) For more information, please contact

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Marvels & Monsters travel schedule:

March 12, 2014-July 27, 2014 at Stony Brook University in Stony Brook, New York

Past Venues:

October 12, 2013-February 9, 2014 at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles, California

September 27, 2012-February, 24, 2013 at the Museum of Chinese in America in New York, New York

April 15-May 15, 2012 at the Multicultural Success Center, Indiana University-Purdue University in Indianapolis, Indiana

February 3-March 23, 2012 at the Asian Arts Initiative in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

September 20-December 16, 2011 at the Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU in New York, New York

May 26-August 19, 2011 at the NYU Fales Library & Special Collections in New York, New York

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A is for Arab: Stereotypes in U.S. Popular Culture

The Jack G. Shaheen Archive at Tamiment Library & Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives at New York University Presented by the Asian/Pacific/American Institute and the Hagop Kevorkian Center for Near Eastern Studies at New York University

Powerful, accessible and compelling, A is for Arab, which features images from the Jack G. Shaheen Archive, reveals and critiques the stereotypical portrayals of Arabs and Muslims in U.S. popular culture. Providing historical context about these images which range from film stills to comic books to editorial cartoons, this traveling exhibition aims to educate and stimulate discussion about the impact of stereotypes on both individual perceptions and national policy. A PDF of the exhibition panels is available for download here. Dimensions: The exhibition is comprised of 8, double-sided, gator board, each measuring 36″w x 87″h. The bases of the stands are each 8″ deep, 36” wide, and 3” high, and panels are simply installed into the base. With all banners positioned side by side, the exhibition measures a total of 24′ in length, and for ideal viewing, should have a clearance of 12′ on each side. To accommodate smaller spaces, several alternative arrangements are possible; and, if only one side of the exhibition is able to be displayed, the back (black) side of the exhibition can face a wall.

A is for Arab panels (front)

Loan fee:As of September 1, 2013, the loan fee will be $400 in addition to one-way shipping from the previous venue. 100% of loan fee is applied towards the cost of processing and making the Jack G. Shaheen Archive accessible to the public. Individuals who wish to pay the loan fee on behalf of an exhibitor can make the payment as a tax-deductible donation to NYU. Supplementary materials: Along with the exhibition, A/P/A can provide list of suggested supplementary materials, some of which are available for loan from the A/P/A Institute. For more information, please contact

A is for Arab travel schedule:

May 27, 2014-August 20, 2014 at the Bettendorf Public Library in Bettendorf, Iowa

Past venues:

May 2, 2014-May 16, 2014 at Colby College in Waterville, Maine

March 31,2014-April 25, 2014 at Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland, Ohio

February 26, 2014-March 21, 2014 at Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis in Indianapolis, Indiana

February 3, 2014-February 19, 2014 at University of Maryland in College Park, Maryland

January 10, 2014-January 24, 2014 at Western Illinois University in Macomb, Illinois

November 1, 2013-November 21, 2013 at University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia

October 1, 2013-October 25, 2013 at Pope John XXIII High School in Sparta, New Jersey

October 12, 2013-October 13, 2013 at the Arab Center of Washington Arab Festival in Seattle, Washington

September 8, 2013-September 23, 2013 at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon

May 28, 2013-June 1, 2013 at the National Conference on Race & Ethnicity in American Higher Education in New Orleans, Louisiana

May 8, 2013-May 23, 2013 at University of North Texas, Denton in Denton, Texas

April 17, 2013-May 3, 2013 at University of Massachusetts-Boston in Boston, Massachusetts

April 3, 2013-April 12, 2013 at Highpoint University in High Point, North Carolina

March 15, 2013-March 31, 2013 at University of South Carolina, Beaufort in Bluffton, South Carolina

February 6, 2013-March 8, 2013 at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio

January 7, 2013-February 1, 2013 at the Alif Institute in Atlanta, Georgia

December 1, 2012-December 31, 2012 at the Levantine Cultural Center in Los Angeles, California

November 17, 2012-November 20, 2012 at the 2012 Middle East Studies Association Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado

November 1, 2012-November 14, 2012 at Indiana State University in Terre Haute, Indiana

October 10, 2012-October 28, 2012 at the Arab American National Museum Library & Resource Center in Dearborn, Michigan

October 1, 2012-October 4, 2012 at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio